TOP 10 Cuba travel tips

Our TOP 10 Cuba travel tips

1 – Money, money money

Familiarize yourself with the dual Cuban currency system early on. Make sure you have access to enough cash for the duration of your trip (Euro, GBP or CAD is best) or a credit or debit card that is likely to work – review our ‘Important Info’ section for more details.

2 – Paperwork

Travel insurance and a Cuban tourist visa are a prerequisite – it is a requirement of the Cuban government and of Locally Sourced Tours.

3 – Language

Make an effort to learn a little Spanish before you go. Cubans will appreciate you trying to speak Spanish and will be more welcoming as a result (especially if it is done with a smile).

4 – Adapters

Remember your adapter(s), it could be difficult to buy or borrow one in Cuba.

5 – Connectivity

Don’t choose Cuba as a destination if you plan to be online or on the phone the whole time… choose it if you plan not to be.

6 – Empathy

Have some empathy with the demands that come with experiencing a country that has a very different way of life. A good sense of humour, plenty of patience and a willingness to learn are all very important qualities.

7 – Adapt

Never look to impose your own culture, traditions or beliefs on others and instead look to appreciate and understand those of the locals.

8 – Judgement

Use good judgement and avoid doing anything that does not feel safely controlled.

9 – Prepare

Pack well. Study the Locally Sourced trip notes before your tour and pack all those essential items to ensure a comfortable journey.

10 – Have Fun

Bring an open-mind and be ready to have fun… we cannot stress this enough!


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