Spending Money on Tour

Spending Money on Tour

Many people traveling to Cuba believe that it will be as affordable as other developing countries they have been to. Unfortunately this isn’t really the case, with prices for food, drinks and services being comparable to the more ‘Western’ countries.


Given Cuba’s unique political and economic ideals, the government places heavy taxes on anything considered ‘not-essential’ or anything related to travel and tourism. Having introduced a tourist currency – CUC’s – the government is able to control the prices charged for tourism related services meaning Cuba is a lot more expensive to travel through than one may first think.


The amount you will spend per day differs from person to person and from tour to tour. You might really enjoy a night out, want to stock up on Cuban rum and cigars or simply do as many optional activities as you can on your Cuba tour.


Locally Sourced Cuba Tours recommends you budget anywhere from 30-50CUC per day, during your time in Cuba (not including the on location payment)


Remember, if you plan to exchange currency you should bring Pounds, Euros or Canadian Dollars.


Here are some of the expenses you can expect when you arrive in Cuba:

  • Taxi from Havana Airport to your hotel or Casa: 25CUC (unless you have an airport transfer booked)
  • On Location Payment
  • Drinks
  • Souvenirs (rum, cigars, clothing)
  • Food (this could be anywhere from 10CUC – 50CUC per day dependent on your budget)
  • Tipping
  • Optional activities and excursions
  • Airport departure tax (25CUC)


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