Vibrant Cuba Tour

  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Location: Cuba
  • Available Seat: 2-12 People
  • Price: Starting at $784.00 per person USD

Vibrant Cuba Tour Pricing


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Stay in Casa Particulares, meet the locals, immerse yourself in Cuban culture, and feel the rhythm of this lively Caribbean gem.



About The Vibrant Tour


Our 10-day Vibrant Cuba Tour includes some of the best locations, foods, sounds, and the beauty of Cuba with a full-filled and exploring adventure.


This tour begins every Sunday in the beautiful city of Havana.


Come explore the many beautiful surprises that Cuba has to offer on this 10-day adventure around some of the best locations in the country. Cuba’s rich history and culture will show you a different perspective on life and we guarantee you will not be disappointed but rather amazed. Cuba is going through a unique change in that it is opening itself up to many other countries around the world and exploring this beautiful land at this time is the most amazing experience you will endure in. From getting lost in the streets of Havana to walking along cobblestoned streets in Trinidad, tourists from all ages will experience Cuba like never before and will feel like they just went back in time.


  • Casa Particular, as they are known, will be your Cuba Bed and Breakfast throughout your tour. The Cuban families will make your stay feel comfortable and very hospitable.
  • All our Cuba guides speak English so you will not have to feel left out and may ask them questions or offer suggestions at any time of the tour.
  • We will show you where the best spots are for beaches, salsa lessons, snorkeling, city tours and many other attractions along the way.
  • Visit the Cigar Factory and the Rum Museum in Havana
  • Havana Jazz Club
  • Explore Havana’s beautiful Old Town (La Habana Vieja) and its maze of streets
  • We will take you to Vinales, the home of Cuba’s tobacco production and amazing scenery.
  • Enjoy beaches and warm Caribbean waters with a mojito prepared to perfection.
  • In Cienfuegos, take a visit to the final resting place of Che Guevara and be astonished by the beautiful French inspired architecture




English-speaking local Cuban guide, transportation between destinations, 9 breakfasts, airport transfer on arrival


Orientation walks at each destination, Havana city tour in classic car, visit to a Vinales tobacco farm, Che memorial & museum, informal salsa lesson in Trinidad or Vinales, 1 x drink at the Palacio de Valle in Cienfuegos, Havana Rum Museum, Cigar Factory, Callejon de Hammel, Old Havana Walking Tour

There are also a range of optional activities and excursions you can enjoy on all of our Cuba group tours



International flights, all lunches and dinners (unless specified), travel insurance, Cuba Visitor Visa & passport costs, drinks, Tips & Gifts, optional activities, – see our Cuba Travel Library or ‘Ask Us’ for more details.



All our Cuba group tours use a mix of private transportation, local Viazul bus and/or taxi. Much of this can be decided by the travellers or based on the size of the group.


For our group tours, we use Casa Particulares, also known as Cuban bed and breakfasts, which are a great experience for many tourists. Every Casa is unique and offers a heart-warming atmosphere. Many casas require guests to walk up a few flights of stairs so please let us know if this can cause problems and we will find an alternative casa.

Spending Money on Tour

The main expenses incurred on this tour will be food, drinks, airport departure transportation, souvenirs, optional activities, and tips. Everyone is different in how much spending money they will need but we recommend bringing between USD$400 – USD$550 (Excluding the on location payment).

Single Supplement Policy

Being a solo traveller, the costs may increase due to the requirement of having to be in a singe room rather than splitting costs with other people. With us, you do not have to worry about that. We will waive the single supplement on all of our Cuba group tours. You have the option of sharing a room or being on your own.

Airport Transfers

Our small Cuba group tours include your transfer from the airport when you arrive. When you are ready to leave, your local Cuba guide can arrange your departure transfer back to the airport at local prices.

Travel in Cuba

If you need any other information about travelling to Cuba and what to expect when you visit, take a look at our detailed Cuba Travel Guide to learn more.


Tour Map

Estimated Travel Times Between Locations


There will be travelling between cities and Cuba isn’t necessarily the smallest place around, but we will try and get you to your next location as quickly and efficiently as possible. There will be stops to stretch your legs, grab a lunch, or use the bathroom. Some beautiful views on the way will be explored and travellers can take some nice photos of the scenic routes.



Tour Itinerary


Day 1 – Havana


When you visit Havana, the capital city of Cuba, the unique beauty of the city, the people, and all the different little things that come with it will amaze you. There are hundreds of classic cars, beautiful architecture, art, and live Cuban music at almost every restaurant.


You will get the chance to visit Old Havana, where you can enjoy traditional Cuban coffee or a stroll around the beautiful Plaza Vieja. You can also visit the Almacenes de San Jose, where paintings, sculptures, and many other handmade accessories are sold.


Whether its taking a walk around the bay, or getting lost in the streets, Havana has many hidden secrets that will leave you asking yourself how this city came to be. This is a great way to start your 10-day tour of Cuba and immerse yourself in the culture and lifestyle.


Day 2 – Cienfuegos


It is known as “The Pearl of the South” for its beautiful bay, its elegance, and the French spirit that it encompasses its tourists with. It is a city with a waterside setting, and also a lot of architecture. Many of its buildings are given UNESCO status signifying the importance of Cienfuegos to Cuban culture.


The city itself was affected greatly by the French, when they migrated in the 1800s, seen all throughout the streets. Pirate attacks were very common in Cuba, therefore the Castillo de Jagua was built to protect the harbor. This can be seen as you enter the harbor.


You will visit Playa Giron, the location also known as The Bay of Pigs, which occurred in 1961. Here, the CIA-sponsored military attempted to disrupt Cuba’s revolution, but were defeated within three days by the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces led by Fidel Castro. Other than its history, the beach is a wonderful place to take a swim and refresh yourself, especially after a long walk along the beautiful Malecon.


Days 3 and 4 – Trinidad


This beautiful town of Cuba, founded in 1514, will surprise any tourist. From its bumpy cobblestone streets and nighttime entertainment to some of the most beautiful rainforest hiking, beaches, and swimming under waterfalls. This destination has a combination of it all and is known greatly for its nature, friendly people, and beautiful landscape.


Santa Clara – Just outside of Trinidad, travellers can visit Che Guevara’s mausoleum. Here, the body was returned and buried, and a memorial built to represent the heroic acts of Che and his rebels. It was here that Che and his rebels were able to derail a military train that was occupied with weapons and ammunition intended to be used against Fidel Castro.


For a small city, Trinidad welcomes tourists to many different attractions and beautiful nightlife entertainment. Take a day trip to the beach (Playa Ancon), a historic sugar mill, or an adventurous hike into the rainforest, ending it with a refreshing swim.


Days 5 and 6 – Vinales


Surrounded by nature and hiking, Vinales is considered as one of the most beautiful areas in Cuba, offering a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. From the colorful houses to the friendliest of the people, Vinales, for its small size, has a lot to offer to travellers. It is located close to Havana, in the region of Pinar del Rio.


Valle de Vinales – Vinales Valley, as it is known, is an amazing national park that offers beautiful rust-red soil, covered with tobacco plantations and hills of limestone rock. This area is known for its amazing hikes, climbing, cycling and caving, and is a big reason why it’s the country’s second most visited tourist destination after Havana. Vinales offers cave excursions, horseback riding, and some of the best rainforest hiking. Visit one of the tobacco plantations and experience how one of Cuba’s best tobacco is cultivated. You may even be able to sample a local cigar or sip on some sugarcane juice.


Accommodations – Vinales offers some of the most beautiful casa particulars, with every house being very unique and welcoming. Expect some of the best cooking and amazing views from the terraces. Enjoy rocking in a chair, sipping on a drink and relaxing to traditional Cuban music. .


Day 7 – Havana


On your last few days of your tour, we welcome you back to Havana. Your tour guide will give you some options as to what you can see and visit in Havana, as there are many different places to choose from. After having lunch, you will take a tour of the city in one of the many classic cars that are seen around the city. Before the embargo, there were about 150,000 old classic cars driving around. Today, an estimated 60,000 pre-1960 American cars are making noise around the cities of Cuba, and many have been fixed up in order to shine their way through many more years to come.


Throughout this classic car ride, you will get to see many famous areas of Havana including New Havana and Old Havana, as well as the neighborhoods of Miramar and famous cemetery of Colon. Enjoy breathtaking views along the Malecon and take in all that you can in these last few days of this journey.


Day 8 – Walking Tour of Old Havana and Callejon de Hammel


The Plaza de Vieja or Old Havana, as it is known, is the best place to start any Havana experience. It is best preserved and became a World Heritage Site in 1982. After breakfast, your tour guide will meet you at 9 am at your hotel and take you around Old Havana on a walking tour. You will be able to see 16th century fortresses and many beautiful churches.


As part of this walking tour, you will visit La Catedral San Cristobal de la Habana, which was described by the novelist Alejo Carpentier as ‘music set in stone’. You will visit many other landmarks and statues that will tell you a bit more about the history of Cuba. There are many museums to visit along the way such as Museo de la Revolucion and the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes. On the walking tour, you will experience panoramic views around the “Malecon”, making stops at the Revolution Square, Central Park, Opera House, the Capitol building, and will have plenty of opportunity to take photos.


Your tour guide will then give you the option of having lunch at an authentic family-run Cuban restaurant (Paladar) or offer other suggestions. We recommend visiting Callejon de Hammel in the afternoon in Central Havana. It is a wonderful place to experience day-to-day Cuba lifestyle and it is the where the Cuban artist fraternity meet. The alley is decorated in Cuban sculptures, art and paintings and very hard to miss. If you are lucky, maybe you can get a chance to see a dance exhibition, but do take the time to check out local artist Salvador Gonzalez Escalona’s neighborhood makeover.


Days 9 and 10 – Havana

The next two days will include the Cigar Factory and Rum Museum. Many people know Cuba because of its Rum cocktails and Cigars, this being immortalized by Hemingway. For many decades, Cuba has been producing the world’s best cigars and rum. You will be able to see for yourself how these two products are created. You will learn the history and also how important the two are to Cuba’s economy.


In the Havana Rum Museum, which is today housed in a converted old Palace, you can see the whole production process and be able to taste some of the best rum in the world, The Havana Club. If you would like, you can also purchase a bottle or two to take home.


After visiting the Rum Museum, you will be able to stop at the Hotel Conde de Villanueva, which has one of the most popular cigar shops around. Many people here have humidors for their cigars to stay perfectly moist. You can get the chance to meet a “torcedor”, or cigar roller. He will be able to answer any of your questions and show you demonstrations of how to perfectly roll a cigar. After this, you will have the chance to taste a cigar or some freshly brewed coffee.


Once the cigars and coffee are done, you will get to visit one of Hemingway’s favorite bars to sample a Cuban daiquiri, the el Floridita. We then move to Partagas Cigar Factory, where the secrets behind cigar making will be revealed and why Cuban cigars are so revered. Any individual will have a better understanding of this country and its history after a tour with us. You will be amazed what you see and do in a short span of 10 days.


Accommodations on Tour


Our Cuba group tours use only the best Casa Particulares – Cuban B&B’s. These Cuban Bed and Breakfast establishments offer a taste of authentic life on the island. You will be staying as a guest of a family in private accommodation. You’ll have privacy while still being able to interact with the locals as much as you want. It’s a stark difference to most types of accommodation, and you will truly be made to feel welcome – you might forget that you’re a paying guest and not a long lost family friend!


A number of accommodation options are in older buildings without an elevator. If you have issues with mobility and will be unable to comfortably climb several flights of stairs, please let us know. We can happily find you a wonderful alternative to suit your needs. We’ve got you covered if you want to spend a few extra days in Havana before or after your Cuba group tour. Just use our easy online form when you make your booking.

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