Cuba Visa

Cuba Visa

Most people traveling to Cuba require a Cuba Visa (Cuba Tourist Visa) to enter the country. This Cuba Visa is valid for 30 days (90 days for Canadians). Cuban immigration also requires you to book accommodation for your first night of stay in Cuba.


Click here for a list of countries that require a Cuba Visa for travel to Cuba



Some airlines will not let you on the plane without a Cuba Visa, so be prepared.


You can order your Cuba Visa through the Cuban Embassy or Consulate in your country and through some travel agencies and flight companies. For expert assistance and advice in obtaining a Cuba Visa simply contact us, and we will be more than happy to provide you with our advice and recommendations.


You will need to hold onto one half of your Cuba Visa for the entirety of your stay in Cuba as you will not be able to leave the country without it.


Before obtaining a Cuba Visa you should look into the following options (ordered as most affordable option first):

  • Check with the airline you are flying with as they might be able to provide you with a Cuba Visa as part of your airline ticket
  • Check with the airport you are flying from e.g. airports like Toronto, Cancun and Frankfurt issue Cuba Visa’s prior to flying
  • Apply for a Cuba Visa through your local Cuban embassy or Consulate
  • Use a Cuba Visa issuing company to obtain your Cuba Visa such as:



Generally, obtaining a Cuba Visa is a simple process when departing from North/Central/South America and the Caribbean.


You will receive the Cuba Visa as part of your ticket or be able to purchase the Cuba Visa at the airport when you’re departing from Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Grand Cayman, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Panama, Colombia, etc. The Cuba Visa is normally purchased from the airlines ticketing desk (Cancun for example) or at the check-in line (Mexico City for example). If you are buying the Cuba Visa at the airport, this is generally done in the local currency of the country you are departing from.


If you are traveling directly from the UK/ Europe, you should check with your airline provider to see if they will provide or sell you a Cuba Visa (Condor flying out of Germany does). Otherwise you might need to apply for a Cuba Visa through a Cuban Embassy or Visa issuing company.


If you have any questions about the Cuba Visa, or how to obtain one, just ask one of our Cuba travel experts.


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