The Real Cuba


We promise you that you will experience Cuba in the most real way possible and that you will have the experience of a lifetime. Our team of local Cuban experts will bring you the very best in itineraries, excursions, accommodation, and experiences. Cuba is full of surprises that will make you and your fellow travelers always wondering and excited about what is next on your adventure.


At TourMeCuba, all of our staff and local contacts are like family. We deliver ongoing support to the Cuban people and economy. We know the people and communities and the ways of life, therefore we show the Cuba that we love, live and respect every individual and family.


We are able to be flexible with our tours providing you with a few different choices of what to do during your days on our tour. We truly care about our clients and want you to have the most positive and safe experience. The Cuba you will learn about and explore is as diverse as it is complex, and will raise many questions that our Cuban tour guides will be more than happy to answer.


We have no doubt that you will leave Cuba feeling a lot of emotions and amazing memories that will be with you for the rest of your life.

At TourMeCuba, we are dedicated to providing you and your fellow travellers with an authentic and memorable experience of Cuba.


It took many years for Cuba to become what it is today and it holds a vast amount of history and culture. We can achieve all this in one adventurous tour and one you will never forget. With us, you will be taken around many different cities and villages where you will have access to local people from all sorts of ways of life.


The island has so much to offer that you won’t even know where to begin!



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